Europe: In or Out: Everything you need to know

Theresa May's Brexit deal: everything you need to know
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POLITICO will have the most comprehensive coverage of the election, with a live blog running from Sunday throughout the night and into Monday, as well as news stories, analysis and infographics.

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Nov 29, Becky rated it really liked it. In fact, the book would be an excellent introductory guide for anyone planning to visit an area of Eastern Europe. This war haunts Eastern Europe as no other historical event does. When you rent a car in Europe, make sure you know which type of fuel it requires. Despite being a staunch Remainer, Dunt is remarkably fair in his assessment of the EU with its weaknesses and structural limitations and doesn't display any of the rosy romanticism that Very good introduction to the issues surrounding Brexit and probably the best single-volume tome available at the moment. Medieval Eastern European kingdoms were ridiculously diverse! Related Press Releases.

The election is projected to produce a highly fragmented Parliament, with the long-dominant center-left and center-right blocs unable to form a coalition by themselves — handing greater influence to smaller players such as the Liberals, Greens and populists. Euroskeptics are expected to win a third of the Parliament's seats, reflecting the global rise in nationalism.

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Whether they will be able to act as a coherent bloc, however, is one of the big questions of this election. We've compiled highlights of our campaign coverage to give everyone from the mildly curious to the politically obsessive an essential briefing on the election, the issues, the candidates and the stakes. Just the basics : If you only want to know how to vote and who's likely to come out on top, we've got you covered: Here are POLITICO's latest projections for the European Parliament, and here's a guide to voting in your country.

Tell me more : One thing seems certain: The European Parliament will have to grapple with greater fragmentation and more Euroskeptics in the chamber. Read about the Parliament's watershed moment. Nerd level : Some candidates are essentially guaranteed seats in the European Parliament due to the electoral list system used by most EU countries. Here are the candidates who have already won. For data geeks : Who will be the winners and losers? What issues do voters care about? Have a look at the data. Tell me more: Read about the top Spitzenkandidaten — and why the EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, though not officially a candidate, is also in the running.

If you've never heard of Manfred Weber, you're not alone: He's a relative unknown outside of Brussels and his native Bavaria, as our profile of him notes. Meanwhile, Frans Timmermans' high-profile EU record is both his greatest strength and his greatest weakness. For data geeks: See where each political group is strongest and weakest.

Just the basics : Italy's far-right Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini has high hopes for a parliamentary populist alliance. Tell me more : Far-right parties are hoping to attract voters with fresh faces.

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In France, it's Jordan Bardella. In the Netherlands, it's Thierry Baudet. For data geeks : Europe's populists are flooding social media , research shows. Just the basics : The Brexit delay means the U.

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That means there could be a messy aftermath for the European Parliament once the U. Nerd level : How did the U.

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And read about how Frans Timmermans tried to lay the groundwork for a left-wing coalition in the last big debate. Tell me more : The EU got mad at Facebook over the social media giant's ad policy blocking pan-European campaigns. Facebook later caved.

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For data geeks : What do European voters worry about? Have a look here.

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Tell me more : Climate change has become a major campaign issue, but the EU is divided over steps to reduce emissions. Nerd level : Read why food and farming are high on the agenda. For data geeks : Here's how the main concerns of EU voters have evolved over past years. Just the basics : The aftermath looks certain to be messy. Tell me more : All candidates have pledged to strive for gender parity in the next European Commission, but Council President Donald Tusk thinks that might be "difficult to achieve. Nerd level : Could a Socialist run the Commission? Read why it's become a possibility.

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For data geeks : What group could as-yet unaffiliated parties join, and how would that change the seat distribution? Play the Parliament dating game. Some recent newsletters looked at the pre-election political landscape in Germany , France , Poland , Spain and Italy. Cost of no deal Multimedia. Democracy vs the people? TEDxGlasgow Multimedia.

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Article 50 two years on conference: Professor Sir… Multimedia. Brexit and beyond: how the United Kingdom might… Research paper. Browse by theme.

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Economics The economics of Brexit Discover Economics. Politics The politics of Brexit Discover Politics. Public policy Brexit and public policy Discover Public policy. The law Brexit and the law Discover The law.

The facts What is a flextension? The law. What is frictionless trade? What is a Eurosceptic? No deal Brexit: executive summary Various Economics. The Australian points-based system: what is it and what would its impact be in the UK? One of the policy options that has attracted attention in the UK debate about post-Brexit immigration policy… Madeleine Sumption Public policy , The law.