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The only character that faltered, I thought, was the guy that everyone's had in their writing class, the self-important, aspergers spectrum male who won't shut up and is excessively tiresome.


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I felt that she dropped the ball on making him completely believable and sympathetic or giving us real insight into what makes him tick. Cannot really say more without spoilers, but I thought she took the easy way out. All in all, though, this was a pleasant and engaging read. This is a really great book. Many of us in middle age, and many other stages of life, have the need to reinvent ourselves for many and varied reasons. Perhaps this is why I enjoyed the novel so much..

“I learned to see my students with different eyes”

The books brings together people for a writing group and they all have their share of pain. I enjoyed the writing so much that I had a huge amount invested in the characters. I love reading books like this as part of my eclectic tastes. I realised I love stories where there are several protagonists.

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Here we get three heroines of different age: a teen, a forty-something and a lady in her seventies, as well as a man of There are other characters who are also shown in a bit more detail, and I enjoyed reading all of their parts. The book flows slowly, so it was a good choice for me to immerse in an other universe. I especially liked the impossibility of Jack's situation: it is so truly depicted how he still loves his wife and hi I realised I love stories where there are several protagonists.

I especially liked the impossibility of Jack's situation: it is so truly depicted how he still loves his wife and his old-time friend who cheated on him, and how he adores his daughters. It was good to see that the author doesn't think she can solve such a difficult situation. Another amazing book by Erica James. The first few chapters was quite flat but thank God I read on, and no regrets. I love each and every characters in this book. Each has their own set of problems but how they came together in a Writing Group.

A light and easy read I wish it doesn't end but all good things must come to an end. A beautifully written story with a happy ending. Puts me in a good mood reading this book. I find it hard to put down the book. Jun 16, Grooveyem rated it liked it. Characters were nice but I couldn't really connect with them. Overall I enjoyed the book, but it took me forever to get through. All a bit twee for me and I just wasn't really sure what genre it was going for; romance?

It was a pleasant story but just seemed to plod along kind of aimlessly.

Dec 13, Phil Shaw rated it liked it. Not bad.

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Not as good as a Maeve Binchy, but not bad. I thought it dragged a little in places, and occasionally it all seemed a bit wooden, but overall, it was ok. Jul 25, Katerina Subasheva rated it it was amazing. Easy to read,loved the characters. Looking forward to reading another of her books. Jun 17, Christina rated it it was amazing.

Brilliant funny light read. Sep 12, Angela rated it really liked it. Thoroughly enjoyable. You want to know what happens to each character.

https://sengtempuali.tk Good to find a book which isn't all happy endings. Oct 14, Paula rated it it was amazing. Mar 25, Justkeepreading85 rated it really liked it. I did find it was a bit of a slow start but I really fell in with the characters. Classic Chick Lit. Aug 15, Helen rated it really liked it. This was a really good read.

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It was quite long and there are quite a few different characters to keep track of but Erica James' writing style made it really easy to read and each of the characters seemed believable and likeable. Each chapter is about a different character or is told from a different person's point ov view but their individual stories are all connected by the writing group that they have joined.

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  • Hidden Talents Series by Claire Cray.

The storyline is interesting and I think it flows really well. The characters each hav This was a really good read. The characters each have their highs and lows and you really feel for them at times. I was happy with how the book ended - for one of the characters the ending was bit sad but in general the endings were pleasing. I'm definitely a fan of Erica James and will be looking to get some more of her books.

Mar 17, Debby rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction. My 2nd Erica James, and I enjoyed it as much as the first even though some of the characters do things I don't approve of. Hidden Talents is a new writer's group with five diverse members. As the group begins to meet, their writing talents improve and they bond together as friends - exactly what each need to get them through the various trials of their lives.

These are ordinary people that you come to care about. Well done. I especially like the audio narrated by Anne Dover. As these are British, My 2nd Erica James, and I enjoyed it as much as the first even though some of the characters do things I don't approve of. As these are British, her narration gives the true flavor of the British pronunciation and slang, something that would be missed in reading.

May 29, Lisa Ahronian rated it liked it. I liked this book I didn't love it. I found some of the situations not quite believable. The whole bit about Jack's wife dumping him and taking up with his best friend, and then Jack being able to make peace with it and bury the hatchet I doubt anyone would ever be that forgiving, even with kids involved. And Jaz, the moody teenager who will go to any length to keep every aspect of herself a secret to everyone, at any cost I just wanted to dope slap her.

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But aside from those few I liked this book But aside from those few bumps, I did find this to be an enjoyable read. The key for me is caring enough about the characters to want to turn the page and find out what happens next. And this book thid that. I took a long time to read this book, but read it cover to cover. It was an enjoyable read, but I didn't find the ending as satisfying as I would have liked I won't spoil it, no worries. The book started off strong with the writers group theme, and I had high hopes that it would continue with that theme, but it did not.

The focus became more the interweaving of the characters' personal lives, which was fine, but one of the reasons I got the book was its seeming focus on the writing group. I wo I took a long time to read this book, but read it cover to cover. I would have liked the author to go more deeply into the writing aspect of these characters' lives. It was a good book, but not sure it was worth all the time I put into reading it. Shelves: library , Admittedly, a bit fluffy and maybe not something I'd have chosen to read if my mother hadn't recommended it to me.

Despite that, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The characters were all unique and full of quirks that made them appealing and they made me want to care about what happened to their individual sub-plots. Plus, it was centered around writing, which made me especially interested. I liked that it wasn't predictable, and although it didn't blow my mind, it was an easy and enjoyable read.

Jul 16, Steph Watson rated it really liked it. All the same, I chose it for its creative writing aspects, and despite there being little on the matter throughout the book, each of the characters' stories had me gripped from the very beginning, and despite wrongdoings at times, I still felt for each of them individually at some point. Great read, would highly recommend. Aug 29, Letitia rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. A pretty decent book, it was nice getting to know the characters, and I enjoyed the story. However there are THREE instances of infidelity in this book, of people cheating on and leaving their spouses, that are all passed off as perfectly acceptable. Apparently, according to the author, it's ok to commit adultery as long as the two people involved are in love. This is condoned three times in this book.

Aug 17, Diane Will rated it liked it. Not an overly taxing read, but enjoyable enough. All have their own need to be there.

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Tell us what “hidden talents” you think you might have, whether a skill you've never had the time to practice, an academic area you're. We all know why our favorite stars are famous: they're talented in acting, singing, and more. But did you know about these celebrities' hidden talents?.

The usual everyday life stories and in different ways help each other through problems they are all faced with. All the characters linked together well and it had a tidy ending. Sep 24, Cheryl rated it really liked it.