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Smart meter FAQs
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They aim to put an end to billing errors, eliminate the need for manual meter readings and help households reduce energy consumption. They are currently looking for trainees to install the meters across the England, Scotland and Wales. Some of the smaller, newer energy suppliers are really getting on board and developing new technologies to help us get the most from smart meters.

Ovo , for example, has developed a mobile app to help its customers understand what they are seeing. The app clearly sets out readings, shows a current balance and offers comparisons with usage and costs over recent months making the system significantly more user-friendly. As well as smoothing out the teething problems of their forerunners, the new meters are expected to unlock a raft of innovative features.

These include time-of-use tariffs and peer-to-peer energy trading, so that customers will be able to track and record their energy usage. Smart data will be used to harness household solar power, battery packs and electric vehicle charging, creating more efficient holistic energy systems. Households will find themselves in a position to feed supply back into the grid, as well as draw from it.

Only 80 second generation smart meters have been installed – as rollout stalls again

Training is administered through the energy companies, you need to look on their websites for job vacancies, as well as through specialist recruitment agencies. Please click here for details.

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How do they work?

This book very easy for even a beginner to understand. Audible Continuity. Usually we can neither see nor feel the effects of electricity. 2nd EDITION (Has been. F AEOTEC swasomess Aeotec Home Energy Meter Z-Wave Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) You hear a lot about energy use these days.

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Smart Meter Installation Day

Skip to Navigation Skip to Content. Add to Basket. Energenie Power Meter. Only 3 left in stock. Simple design and easy operation. Useful to monitor voltage amps and watt as I have some power-consuming appliances which may cause overload values. It's also helpful to estimate power bill and save energy.

For the price this item ticks all the boxes and looks the part too!

The Verdict: Are Smart meters any good?

Setup within minutes as batteries were already included along with clear and easy instructions and environmentally friendly packaging. I have only had the item a few days and I find myself running around the house switching things on and off to see the power demand on the meter.

It accounts for not only your suppliers unit rate but also the standing charge.

You can set a budget per month and the display tells you if you are over or under depending on the time of day. It also has a temperature reading which is a nice touch.

Another handy feature is the ability to turn the display off at designated times to save energy use from the LED screen. Overall a very good purchase and Im sure it will pay for itself long term. The only thing that could make this Does exactly what it says on the tin. This is a high quality product, with fast shipping and simple to use. I recommend this for anyone looking to measure device output I use it for GPU Mining only thing i didnt realise when buying is the LED backlight goes off after 5 seconds, i would prefer this to stay on as trying to read the numbers under a table when this is off, is quite hard to do as the viewing angles arent great, but for the price, its very good.

I bought one of these as a matter of interest, to see how much energy I was using in various applications and see what the idle power use on some appliances were like.

Instructions aeon labs home energy meter (2nd edition)

It even worked for my 2kW kettle. It read what I would expect for those appliances tallying with energy consumption numbers from other users of the DD, what my PC is expected to use and the power rating of the bulb and kettle. It can display current power usage watts , total usage kWh and cost based on a programmable unit cost of energy. It only takes one setting for this, so if you are on an Economy 7 meter or have any other variable tariff, it won't calculate cost accurately. It is compact so it doesn't obstruct adjacent It shows how much wattage is being used by the hardware connected.

How To Read A Tape Measure (w/ FREE Online Course!)

I use it in the lounge to show the cost of running a small electric heater, which is much cheaper than heating the whole house via the central heating system. You program it simply with the cost per unit of electricity, and it displays how long it's been on, the live power consumption in Watts, and the total cost. It's simple to set up and use and is ideal when matched to a heater or other high power device to keep and eye on energy usage. Currently unavailable.

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Great product. Easy to use, and so helpful to know what electricity your gadgets really use.


See All Buying Options. I bought this prior to speccing a UPS uninterruptible power supply for my office at home. Although I had notional current usage figures for each of the devices I want to run, I'm aware that some of the devices I'm powering have variable current requirements, in particular the desktop pc. This simple, cheap device validated my notional figures and, because it also captures minimum and peak current, allowed me to factor these in to specify the right capacity UPS too small and it may not last long enough to power down the pc safely, to large and it won't work efficiently with the smaller loads from the BT Home Hub, IP phone and portable phone.

Money well spent for this alone, although I'm now going to use it to check some of the "on standby" current draw on other devices to see if it's as negligible as the manufacturers state! I've found this very useful for debugging charging speed issues and for modifying chargers to meet specific uses.

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