Johann Wolfgang Goethe: Faust II

Faust Part II
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A circle of tiny, graceful spirits hovers round him.

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When the springtime blossoms, falling, Shower down, and cover all things,. When the fields with greener blessing Dazzle all the world of earthlings, Little elves, but great in spirit, Haste to help, where help they can, And, be he holy, be he wicked, Pity they the luckless man. You, hovering in airy circles, round his head Show yourselves in proud elf-form, instead, Calm all the fierce resistance of his heart, Remove the bitter barbs of sharp remorse, Free him from past terrors, by your art.

Four are the watches night makes in its course, At once, now, mercifully, let the dark depart. When the balmy breezes smother All the green-encircled land, Sweetly fragrant and mist-covered, Twilight gathers all around. The hours have vanished now, already Joy and pain have flown away, You are whole! Recover, wholly: Trust the sight of breaking day. Greening valleys, swelling hills there, Rise from out their shadowy sleep: And, drifting in its waves of silver, On to harvest, flows the wheat.

Wish then, to achieve your wishes, Gaze up, at the brightness there!

You are lightly tangled: this is Sleep, a shell, so now emerge! Hear the hour nearing! Faust charms her and courts her. She tells him of her hard life and of how she nursed her sick infant sister until her sister died. Gretchen has no other family except her brother, who is away at war, and her mother. Mephistopheles and Martha also flirt, with the Devil playing a coy game of seduction with her. Faust follows her to a summer cabin, where they say goodbye. Faust, fearing that he will corrupt the girl with his feelings, runs away to the forest, where he lives for a time in a cave.

He thanks the Spirit of Nature for giving him such feelings, for now he has a moment and an understanding of life that he does not want to lose. Mephistopheles finds Faust and derides his foolish behavior, hiding from the woman that he loves. He tells Faust that Faust must find this girl, for she pines away for him day and night. Faust, his passion overtaking him, agrees that he must go.

Faust returns to Gretchen, and one night in her room, they discuss his feelings on religion. Gretchen is a faithful Christian, and she knows that neither she nor her mother could accept a man that does not believe the same. Faust tries to convince the girl that he also believes and worships God, but she does not quite believe him.

Faust convinces her to allow him to give her mother a sleeping potion, and they consummate their relationship.

Soon, Gretchen learns that she is pregnant by Faust. The girl was forced to kill her baby and now lives as a beggar and outcast. Gretchen prays to the Virgin Mary that the Lord will have mercy upon her. Faust comes to Gretchen's house to see her and meets Gretchen's brother, Valentine.

Valentine has heard of her sister's licentious behavior and has come to exact revenge on the man who impregnated her. As he lies dying, Gretchen comes to comfort her brother, but he accosts her as a whore and tells her that she will be damned for her actions. Gretchen runs to the Cathedral to pray, and an Evil Spirit visits her, securing her damnation. Faust leaves Gretchen to attend Walpurgis Night with the Devil.

Walpurgis Night is the one night of the year when all the witches, evil beings, and magic creatures of the world gather on Brocken Mountain. Faust witnesses the revelry of the creatures and begins to dance with one of the witches. Over a fire, Mephistopheles and Faust converse with a group of artists and politicians about the state of the world.

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Faust sees a vision of Lilith, the mythical first wife of Adam, who threatens to enchant him. He also sees a vision of Medusa, who Mephistopheles warns will seduce Faust and bring no good. As the night ends, Faust sees a small stage set up on the mountain and goes to attend the show.

Attend the wedding is a panoply of characters, including politicians, artists, figures from mythology, philosophers, and even objects that have come to life.

They represent different strains of thought, philosophies, or artistic viewpoints on life. The entire play-within-a-play reflects on the varied academic and intellectual interests of Modernism.

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She killed their infant child and was as a result arrested. He falls into a new kind of despair and curses Mephistopheles for creating this unhappy and unholy affair. Mephistopheles reminds him that it was he, Faust, who made the pact. Faust orders the Devil to take him to Gretchen's jail so that he can free her. Mephistopheles brings horses, and they ride towards the village, although the Devil warns Faust that both the authorities and avenging spirits are in the town, ready to take their vengeance on Faust for murdering Valentine. Metacritic Reviews.

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