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Ben Shaberman brings Vegan Monologues to Cleveland
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The Payne Train: The Vegan Monologues

What the heck happened? Two things.

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Seriously, Graceland is to Elvis fans what this store is to veg-heads. Anyways, all was fine and merry until I came home for spring break, at which point my parents started heartily trying to convince me to return to my old ways. I had spent the last two hours making Maple Bacon Donuts.

Making the donuts vegan was easy: I used Earth Balance, a non-dairy butter substitute, and flax seeds, which stood in for eggs. And a whole lot of other healthy goodies, like two cups of flour and three cups of sugar.

Offbeat Academia: The vegan monologues – The Temple News

Side-note: vegan does NOT equal nutritious. As soon as my dad bit into the confection, his eyes rolled back into his head. I could actually hear his taste buds singing in joy; it was like a church choir had taken up residence in his mouth. Her major? Everything else? Aja does know, however, that her future profession will involve writing--and lots of it. As best I could tell, Corey's dietary strategy was to forget to eat until he became light-headed, at which point he would wolf down whatever was nearby.

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On Saturday mornings in-season, that might mean a tray of donuts or a bag of kolaches. Several world class athletes have actually done well on vegan diets, including sprinter Carl Lewis and boxer Timothy Bradley.

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Many blamed his lifestyle for the lanky center's frequent injuries. It was undoubtedly to blame for his silly Amish beard. But it should also be pointed out that Walton spent a lot of time at Grateful Dead concerts, and while we don't know what his drug habits were, he almost certainly wore his body down with extended bouts of hippie dancing.

Last Vegas, World Vegan Day and Vegan People Craig's Monologue

In the football world, the most notable player to have tried the vegan thing is Tony Gonzalez, the future Hall of Fame tight end. Gonzalez is about as dedicated and educated as they come in matters of sports nutrition, and he actually owns a company that sells his own brand of dietary supplements.

What’s Wrong with Meat?

After experimenting with a strict vegan diet he decided to add occasional servings of free-range chicken and wild-caught fish. To some hardcore vegans that probably sounds as good as occasionally clubbing a baby seal. Nevertheless, Gonzalez is performing well at an advanced age on a diet that includes far less animal protein than what his peers consume. I suppose we could take issue with the fact that Foster publicly announced his veganism before he proved to himself that he could successfully pull it off.

Theoretically his pride could prevent him from returning to a conventional diet if he has a change of heart or a dip in performance. Foster is wired differently than most of us jocks, though, with a degree in philosophy and an intellectually curious nature.

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I get the feeling he is treating this like an open experiment, and in his tweet he wrote, "We'll see how this goes. If at any point he feels it's not right for him I imagine he'll simply explain it to his Twitter followers, excuse the " anti-awesomeness ," and move on. Other popular content on the Yahoo!

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The Vegan Monologues [Ben A. Shaberman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. There's nothing funny about being a vegan, unless you're. The Vegan Monologues - Kindle edition by Ben Shaberman. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like.